Soap Box Derby




Soap Boxes to be complete and available for inspection in Enniskerry Village on Saturday 31st August.

By entering, you agree to comply with the Rules and regulations below and you confirm your acceptance of the Acknowledgements and agreement below.

Rules and regulations 

Length max 2.4 metres
Width min 0.76 meters, max 1.8 metres 
Height max 2.1 metres 
Weight max 80 kg
No mechanically propelled vehicles, factory-made carts, lawnmower chassis, etc
-    Minimum 3 wheels
-    Wheel diameter max 50.8cm
-    Axle width min 76cm
-    Ground clearance min 15cm

Participation is solely at your own risk
Max 2 drivers/passengers
Min age of drivers/passengers 18 years
Helmets are mandatory; entrants must provide their own and ensure they are fit for purpose
No alcohol or drug consumption allowed on race day prior to completion of event
Carts must have efficient braking and proper steering mechanisms

Acknowledgements and agreement

I acknowledge the above Rules and Regulations and agree to comply with these and any additional rules or regulations advised prior to the Soapbox Derby.

I recognise and acknowledge that participation in the Soapbox Derby entirely at entrants’ own risk. I indemnify the Enniskerry Festival and its organisers against any injury or loss whatsoever arising from or in connection with my participation.

I confirm that I do not suffer from any medical condition of a kind that would mean that my participation would result in an increased risk to my health or wellbeing.

I recognise that safety is a key priority of the Soapbox Derby and I will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that my soapbox and my participation in the Soapbox Derby does not compromise the safety of entrants, organisers or the general public.

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