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Festival Committee

02 June, 2019

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The Enniskerry Field Day Soapbox race takes place on Sunday 8th September 2019. 

Rules and regulations 


Length max 2.4 metres
Width min 0.76 meters, max 1.8 metres 
Height max 2.1 metres 
Weight max 80 kg
No mechanically propelled vehicles, factory-made carts, lawnmower chassis, etc    
  -    Minimum 3 wheels
  -    Wheel diameter max 50.8cm
  -    Axle width min 76cm
  -    Ground clearance min 15cm

Participation is solely at your own risk
Max 2 drivers/passengers
Min age of drivers/passengers 18 years
Helmets are mandatory; entrants must provide their own and ensure they are fit for purpose
No alcohol or drug consumption allowed on race day prior to completion of event
Carts must have efficient braking and proper steering mechanisms

Entry fee is €100 per soapbox. Not only can you use your design to advertise your business, 100% of the proceeds are for local charities. Soaboxes can be parked around the field for the weekend to advertise and let the crowd choose their favourite.

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